Oh, I just love love digging through the old files! This was my first round concept for a web game called, “Quicken My Cash” for Quicken. Some things I love about this design:

  1. The circus man: I have a fascination with circus and carnival art.
  2. The never ending falling money: who wouldn’t want that?
  3. The game wheel: very fun to make, love the sparkles and the dimensional typography.
  4. The curtains: I’m a big Moulin Rouge fan and it shows here.
  5. The title graphic: also almost blatantly ripped from Moulin Rouge and since this design didn’t get picked the graphic shows up in a later poster comp for Handmade Detroit… come to think of it they didn’t use it either. I guess I need to find the right setting someday.

This design also didn’t ever see the light of day. If you are looking for a game in this era, hit me up. I can quickly help you out. Check out more of my work at : joshaweston.com!

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