I finished my first sword tonight.

In celebration I am going to interview myself about the process:

Interviewer Josh: So, what inspired you to want to make a sword?

Sword maker Josh: Well, I’ve always been fascinated with swords. There is something about them I’ve never been able to ignore. Plus I’ve had ancestors that were blacksmiths and wood workers, the making of a sword really does combine both arts. I feel a closer connection to what I’ve come from, a closer connection to what it means to be alive today. At some point someone in my family history had to have held a sword in hand for me to be alive today and quite possibly made them. That thought drives me.

Interviewer Josh: Which part of making this sword did you like most?

Sword maker Josh: I feel like I really connected with the forging and hammering. There’s something powerful about the heat and the clashing of steel. I’m generally using a three pound hammer to mold steel. It’s super cool.

Interviewer Josh: On the flip side, what was the most difficult part?

Sword maker Josh: Alignment, I guess. I’m not super patient yet. I get very excited and I just do things. That means I have to battle with holes too small or too big or crooked ones. This is not good when you want to make something that requires some precision. I really need to slow it down and do it right. I think it will help as I  acquire the proper tools too.

Interviewer Josh: If you could change something about this sword, what would it be?

Sword maker Josh: I really wanted to make a beautiful carving in the handle. I set aside a really nice piece of purple heart for the handle but it ended up being too hard to hand carve. I’m gonna have to save that for a future build. Also, I would have liked to heat treat and temper it.

Interviewer Josh: Are you happy with your first sword.

Sword maker Josh: No. Yes. Eh, I guess I am happy that I made the jump but I am not satisfied with the quality. 

Interviewer Josh: Well, good luck with future pieces and thanks for taking the time to come in for the interview.

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