Jul 06

R.R. Spike Tomahawk

Over the last two days I made a quick tomahawk. This is my first hawk and I feel really good about it. I needed some practice moving steel around for another project I am working on and so I went back to the basics with some rail road spikes. The metal is easy to move and quick to play with. I followed Bill Epps tutorial on Anvilfire. I messed up on the slot. I got the bottom part off-centered but I was able to fix that and I know how to fix it for next time. I also think it will be worth it to get a specific tomahawk mandrel and handle for a more consistent finish. I will probably try this one from Kayne & Son. This time I made my own handle. It’s a little thinner than I would have liked but not bad. It chops up firewood really nicely. I will probably take it on board with me in the rv next trip (if I don’t sell it on Etsy first).